• Meal packaging
  • Volunteers
  • Volunteers
  • Meal packaging
  • Assembling food kits
  • Volunteers

Ten Yad’s work force lies within its group of volunteers; people who dedicate part of their precious time and plenty of talent to help those in need of tenderness and attention. Here, the volunteers have a chance to fully experience the practice of good deeds and the search for social justice, fundamental pillars that support the universe. It is a fantastic opportunity for personal growth, for the construction of a world that is fairer and more dignified, and finally, to integrate a united family, happy and extremely motivated: the Ten Yad family.


Be a Volunteer

To become a Ten Yad volunteer, it is necessary that the candidate be willing to offer at least two weekly hours to accomplish his/her activities, as well as participating of training sessions at our headquarters. The work of the volunteers moves our mission, and it is fundamental that the person be conscious of the importance of her frequency, dedication, and compliance to the regulations.


Ten Yad has several spaces of action within its programs, and develops activities aimed at the socio-educational development of its beneficiaries. The following tasks stand out amid those offered:


  • Packaging of meals
  • Preparation of the dining hall
  • Serving at the dining hall
  • Setting up of the food kits
  • Delivery of meals at the homes of the assisted, and distribution of meals at the Institution’s headquarters
  • Social, cultural, and recreational activities such as speeches, classes, courses, entertainment in the leisure room, trips and outings, etc.
  • Coin counting from the penny boxes
  • Triage and price tagging of the products donated to the Institution’s bazaar, and attendance to clients at the bazaar
  • Tabulation of invoices in the Nota Fiscal Paulista Program
  • Organization and cataloguing of Ten Yad’s memory
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