Social Service



Ten Yad’s Social Service has a fundamental task in the triage of the beneficiaries participating in the organizations’ various programs. It carries out the interviews to become familiar with the bio-psycho-social situation of the assisted, analyzing economical, social, and family aspects, always observing ethics, respect, and a strict confidentiality regarding the information; thereafter, it follows up their lives, offering support, guiding, and assuring an inclusive intervention.


Furthermore, the Social Service of the Institution also offers active participation in the planning and organizing of the organization’s programs of food security, and social integration, coordinating surveys on the user’s satisfaction, offering technical attendance to the users of the Shelter Home, and adopting all necessary procedures in case of eventual incidents with the beneficiaries.


Another important aspect to be enhanced is the systematic renewal of social studies that permit the verification of whether our programs are still necessary or adequate for each user or his/her family, enabling plausible changes, and adopting decisions that are individualized and personalized to each beneficiary.

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