Naar Yisrael Nursery – Unit II


Renata Adler Home


Due to the demand shown at the Naar Yisrael Nursery, its Unit II called Renata Adler Home was open on April 2008, attending to children between 4 and 15 months of age. Each baby’s entrance coincides with the end of the mother’s maternity license, or with the moment when she returns to her professional activities, and the children may remain for the entire or half of the day.


The facilities and equipment of the Naar Yisrael Nursery – Renata Adler Home are very adequate for the activities, motor stimulation and leisure, with a sleeping room, garden and solarium. Furthermore, the institution maintains routines for feeding, hygiene and guidance for parents and educators, psycho-pedagogical evaluations on the development of each child every semester, and constant pediatric consulting.


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