Naar Yisrael Nursery – Unit I



Inaugurated in November 2002, the “Naar Yisrael” Nursery was developed to attend children between 15 and 30 months of age, and requires materials and toys aimed at the development of cognitive and physical aspects, as well as the children’s leisure. It also has a cafeteria, sleeping room, garden, covered sand play area, and playground, amongst other facilities.


The nursery attends to more than 50 children who receive complete nourishment for a healthy growth, as well as the full obvious cares related to hygiene, such as diaper changes, baths, etc.


At the end of each semester, the families receive an individual psycho-pedagogical report on their child’s development, and a pediatrician on a monthly basis, and when the child reaches the age limit for its stay, the Nursery evaluates the child.


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