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Government of the State of S. Paulo: “Bom Prato” Restaurant on 25 de Março Street

Backed by its expertise acquired during ten years of innovative programs of food distribution in Brazil, Ten Yad assumed, as of April 2002, an effective participation in social actions of combat to hunger undertaken by the Government of the State of S. Paulo, through a partnership in the Bom Prato Popular Restaurant.


The unit located at 166, 25 de Março Street, has the goal of attending to the street population, indigents, jobless people, and those who find themselves in a miserable life condition, serving 1800 nutritious meals a day, at a price equivalent to 0.58 cents, being that children up to 6 years of age are served for free.



City Hall of the Municipality of S. Paulo: Program of Domiciliary Food Security for the Elderly

The Meals on Wheels Program, new and pioneer in Brazil, did not go unnoticed to the City Hall of S. Paulo’s Municipality and, since 2002 Ten Yad keeps a covenant with the Municipal government, presently maintained by the Secretariat of Assistance and Social Development of the Municipality of S. Paulo as the “Program of Domiciliary Food Security for the Elderly”.


More than 180 people undergoing a situation of social and personal vulnerability are attended by this partnership, with more than 47.000 meals distributed yearly. What's more, this program’s agents carry out a strong socio-educational program through articulations and understandings kept with community resources such as the URSE (Health Unit for the Elderly), PAI (Monitoring Program for the Elderly), AMA (Medical and Ambulatory Assistance), and NASI (Nucleus of Support for the Family’s Health), thus promoting web work for the complete care of the population served, going far beyond feeding itself.


Municipal Prefecture of Nazaré Paulista and Campos do Jordão

Understandings within the community are fundamental for Instituição Beneficente Israelita Ten Yad’s work. Perishable foodstuff within the date of validity, and that will not be immediately consumed by the organization, is regularly donated to schools, nurseries, welfare institutions, and asylums maintained by the municipal prefectures of Nazaré Paulista and Campos do Jordão.

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