Program videos

“Gears” is na animation created in 2012 for the intitutional video of Ten Yad e shows what moves the institution in its struggle to erase hunger in Brasil. It was produced by Wide Story Filme e Entretenimento, with script and direction by Ricardo Chut, voiceover by the brazilian actor Caco Ciocler and art and animation by Bill Szilagyi, Hélder Nóbrega Prando e Daniel Amaro from Mellon Studios.
And They Came (Institutional in english)
Learn more about Ten yad´s struggle to end hunger in S.Paulo, Brazil, through several Food Security Programs, Promotion and Social Inclusion Programs and Governmental Partnerships.
Meat Kit (Ten Yad Brazil)
Ten Yad Brazil´s Meat Kit aims on families with children and adolescents who are growing up, or for those people who live in distant places and deserve special attention. Monthly, a kit is given with chicken and beef, respecting some parameters, such as the number of members in the family, age level, etc.
Staple Baskets (Ten Yad Brazil)
Families that are undergoing financial difficulties but nevertheless still have conditions of preparing their own meals, are monthly contemplated with staple baskets. Those registered receive rice, beans, flour, pasta, cornmeal, oil, sugar, salt, tomato sauce, guava jam, manioc flour, and coffee. Consequently, a program of less dependency is created, also preserving maximum autonomy and family structure.
Dairy Kit (Ten Yad Brazil)
The Ten Yad Brazil´s Dairy Kit is modality of food assistance that permits attending to people and families under conditions of social vulnerability, assuring their nutrition during breakfast and dinner.
Hunger (Institutional Video from 2009)
Learn more about Ten Yad´s struggle against hunger in S.Paulo, Brazil and get to know about our food security programs, social inclusion programs and governamental partnerships in this video from 2009.
Bom Prato Program
The "Bom Prato" Restaurant is a governamental program, destined to lower income population, that sells a complete meal for only R$ 1 (US$ 0,50). Ten Yad Brasil is responsible for one unit, and distributes 1800 meals every day.
Ten Yad Brazil´s Meals on Wheels
Pioneer in Brazil, the Ten Yad´s Meals on Wheels Program delivers complete meals to those who, further to financial difficulties, have physical problems that disable them of coming to the institution's headquarters.
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