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Ad "Luciano Szafir" for Ten Yad Brazil
Luciano Szafir, famous Brasil actor and celebrity worked for free in this ad, helping Ten Yad to raise funds for its food security programs.
1ª Edição do Lechaim Festas com renda destinada ao Ten Yad
No dia 17 de maio de 2015 aconteceu a primeira edição do Lechaim Festas, uma exposição dos melhores e maiores fornecedores para eventos voltados à comunidade judaica. Toda a renda do evento foi destinada aos programas do Ten Yad e aqui você vê matéria da Shlalom Brasil sobre como foi esse dia tão especial.
Jornal Nacional news on Ten Yad
Jornal Nacional is the most watched television news program in Brazil and here they show the volunteer work in the third age, focusing mostly on Ten Yad´s programs.
Project Hands Video
Project Hands was a special project developed in 2002, where celebrities, famous sport players, singers, musicians, politicians, actors etc made an art piece, printing their hand as the main element. Later, the original arts were selled in an auction and all the funds were destined to Ten Yad´s food security programs.
Award-winning Ad "PacMan" for Ten Yad Brazil
In February 2002, Fischer America was awarded at the London International Advertising Awards, for this comercial created for Ten Yad Brazil.
Ex-president Lula and Governor Alckmin on Hunger
Former Brazil´s President Lula and the Governor from S.Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin talk about hunger and the efforts in supressing it in Brazil, mentioning Ten Yad´s programs
Ad "Dog" for Ten Yad Brazil
Advertisement created by Fischer America, raising funds for Ten Yad Brasil.
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