"This organization of the Jewish Community of Brazil is exemplary in the dignity with which it treats social issues, revealing its sensitivity towards the problem. In addition, by doing so, reaffirms the old Jewish precept that, at saving the life of one human being, you will be saving mankind."

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva – Ex-president of Brazil


"I’m a witness of the results of Ten Yad’s action in the last fifteen years, especially in programs that offer dignified meals to needy people."

José Serra – Ex-Governor of the State of S. Paulo


"I’m happy to encounter organizations such as “Ten Yad”, in which we can inspire and mirror ourselves. Today, when the institution completes 15 years of precious services to the population, I join you in the gesture suggested by the organization’s name: let’s reach out our hands!"

Gilberto Kassab – Mayor of S. Paulo


"An example such as this one deserves, and should be followed by all of those who believe in the strength of the Eternal"

Cláudio Lembo, ex-governor of the State of S. Paulo


"The Jewish communal soup kitchen is a beautiful example of solidarity, humanism, and love. Offering a plate of food to the hungry is such a grand mitzvah, so full of meaning, that words become minor. May G’d help us to multiply such initiatives."

Walter Feldman, State Deputee


"An emotion overtook me during my visit to Ten Yad. Congratulations for this incredible project."

Cao Hamburger, filmmaker


"Through the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and of his unconditional love towards his brethren, we learn to extend our hands to the needy. (…) It is recognition to the work of all of the volunteers and of the institution which, in addition to rendering fundamental services to the Jewish community, honors us before the whole of society."

Boris Ber, president of the Jewish Federation of the State of S. Paulo (Fisesp)


"The only action that a Jew cannot question is hunger. Someone who asks us for a little food reaches such a condition of need that human dignity can be easily affected. Ten Yad does not permit this, for with each movement anticipates itself with genuine solidarity, offering food for those in need."

Claudio Lottenberg, president of Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein and President of Conib


"In 1992, a pioneer initiative dawned on the Brazilian Jewish scenery, coming to occupy an important and significant space in the area of assistance and social promotion. More than offering a simple plate of food, Ten Yad during its “knowledgeable” 15 years, strived to serve with dignity and respect those who, during a certain moment of their lives, had to find 'a helping hand'."

Jack Terpins, president of the Jewish Confederation of Brazil (Conib) and of the Latin-American Jewish Congress (CJL)

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