Ten years after its foundation, Ten Yad had already become a reference in programs which combat hunger, eradication of poverty, and rescuing of human dignity through nutrition.


Therefore, in April 2002, the organization assumed its participation in Social Actions of Combat of Hunger along with the Government of the State of S. Paulo, through the “Bom Prato Popular Restaurant” Program, aimed to attend a population in critical life conditions and social vulnerability. The Bom Prato Popular Restaurant is located at 166, 25 de Março Street, next to the bus terminal of Parque D. Pedro, with a capacity of serving 1.8 thousand persons daily. The users pay the equivalent to 0,55 cents for a nutritious and balanced meal, produced within the strictest standards of quality. In 2010, more than 426 thousand meals were served to the needy through this program;


As of November 2002, the Government of the City of S. Paulo celebrated a partnership with Ten Yad to make use of its pioneer Meals on Wheels Program, attending to more than 180 very poor people on a daily basis, with complete meals, delivered to the homes of the users. In addition to the meals, the program also offers benefits through home visits, donation of blankets, and extra foodstuffs, amongst other.

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